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Wait, I don't get it
Giovanna | Brazil | 16 I don't know what I'm doing with my life but I like games so it's ok. If u follow me, I will follow u. | Hope u like it ( ˘ ³˘)❤ BEARDS AND SCARS ARE LIFE
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when you want to replay a videogame but then you remember that part



when no one in class is ready for the test



things i need to do:

  • clean my room
  • get a college degree
  • learn how to have healthy relationships
things i want to do:
  • play with puppies and kittens
  • find someone cute to cuddle and make out with
  • drive to the ocean
things i actually am doing:
  • taking subpar selfies
  • running a semi successful blog
  • listening to sad songs and watching too much netflix


my heart says yes but my bank balance says no

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[finds the most sarcastic asshole in the series] my love


awkwardly raising your hand to answer a question when the entire class shouts out the answer